ICB Graduates Internships

As we all know, the Film & Television Industry in South Africa is a thriving and dynamic Industry. Over the past 30 years there has been a consistent shortage of competent bookkeepers and accountants to service the industry.

The industry requires very specific disciplines and work ethics from those who decide to join us, including the long hours, periods away from home whilst on location, and requires self-motivation, attention to detail, accuracy and speed from its accountants. Forecasting capabilities are also essential together with the ability to monitor costs against budget and accurately feed data back to production.

As each production has its own unique differences, which can be exciting and challenging, adaptability is also a must.

Both Jane Fry and Debbie Burt have been in the industry for nearly 30 years and have enjoyed every one of them.  We have lately run a workshop to gauge the level of interest of ICB graduates to identify trainees and interns who would like to consider working in the Film & Television Industry and have identified several interested parties. A second workshop will now be held to ascertain the level of knowledge and bookkeeping experience these prospective interns can offer.