New African Heritage TV channel launches on app

Tuluntulu, the African Cultural Heritage Trust (ACHT) and Zindala Zombili Productions (ZZP) have partnered to launch AfrikayaTV on Heritage Day, 24 September 2018. AfrikayaTV is the only 24-7, 365-day TV channel dedicated to Indigenous African Culture and is available on the free Tuluntulu app which can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

AfrikayaTV will provide a platform for artists and content producers with the opportunity to broadcast their material globally on the unique Tuluntulu platform. The channel will feature unique performing arts content including music, dance, storytelling and poetry from SADC countries, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.

It will also include Talk shows about different aspects of African culture and their relevance in a modern Africa. Content will also be sourced from festivals and key role players in the music industries of South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya.

ACHT was established in 1984 and is the largest and most representative community based cultural organisation in South Africa, with over 10,000 participating traditional music and dance groups and thousands of individual poets and storytellers

ACHT stages the annual African Music and Dance Festival in partnership with Zindala Zombili Productions. The festival is South Africa’s premier cultural event that hosts an annual series of local and provincial elimination competitions in over 30 different categories. The winners of these categories then perform at the Pan-African Festival alongside invited groups from Africa and BRICS countries.

Qhuzulini Sithole, president of the ACHT and chairman of AfrikayaTV said, “This is a historical moment for African culture. Never before have we had a TV channel that speaks directly to the culture and heritage of the African people. AfrikayaTV is an excellent tool to decolonise the mind and celebrate the rich and diverse indigenous cultures of our unique continent. It is time to get to know each other by sharing our culture, heritage and shared humanism. Rise Africa Rise!”

African story

Said Pierre van der Hoven Tuluntulu’s CEO: “This TV channel is an extremely exciting addition to the current Tuluntulu offering and we are delighted to provide more Africans with a platform to tell the African story. The expertise and vast experience of our partners in AfrikayaTV will make this a unique TV channel attracting a highly marketable audience demographic.”

Tuluntulu is one of the largest mobile content platforms targeting audiences in Africa, and globally, with African focused content. The Tuluntulu app is free to download from the Google Play and iOS App stores, usage is free (no subscriptions), and it is 100% free on Wi-Fi – with data costs only if connected via a mobile network (the low data setting consumes +-50MB/hr.).

The fermium business model is designed to maximise audience reach and engagement. The Tuluntulu app has been downloaded over 500,000 times in 154 countries, the most popular being South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya. The Tuluntulu platform currently has 37 streaming TV channels, and 24 streaming radio stations. The TV channels include numerous channels dedicated to local African content.