New Studio complex in Joburg: Moon Valley

MOON VALLEY STUDIOS is now open to the South African and African film and television production sector. Nestled deep within the green park district of Bezuidenhout Valley, this historical space is more than a mini studio lot. The studios founders have a long-term vision of creating a hub of storytellers to inspire and nurture a new generation of filmmakers that are determined to make their mark and take their stories to the world. New Johannesburg Studios in Bez Valley is more than just a space to shoot your next series; it’s a place filmmakers can call home! When writers, filmmakers and architects get together, pretty cool stuff gets built!

Coming from a long history of producing South African and African content, the studio directors are focused on creating a space where filmmakers from the local industry, the Continent and the Diaspora can commune, share resources, skills, collaborate and expand the notion of storytelling and storytellers.

Moon Valley Director and producer Bridget Pickering has just returned from Sundance where she has been presenting the studio to partners and investors, and interest is high. Bridget says: “…there is strong interest from the African diaspora to participate and invest in African filmmaking, and most especially to empower talent and women and ensure that the films that are produced reflect the diversity and complexity of our Continent. Moon Valley intends to be a space where Africa meets the world, and to play a role in propelling African filmmakers to be players and participants in the global industry and in control of the images and stories of ourselves…”

Moon Valley is and will be home to creative workshops, film screenings and industry events while at the same time servicing a range of short and long running film, television and photographic shoots. The founding partners are currently at blue-print planning stage for a Pan African Film Institute that will be housed on the Property, with a long-term strategic plan in place to provide funding and access through the programs currently being designed.
The spaces have already proved their worth, with over 200 hours of film and television shot on location over the last 12 months, before anyone even knew the studios were open. You’ve already seen the space on television. Centrally located, with a total area of 6500sq.m and roof coverage area of 3000sq.m, the premises are ideally suited to long-form drama production requiring diverse indoor and outdoor location flexibility in one area.
What differentiates Moon Valley Studios from other studios in Johannesburg is that it offers both internal and external shoot environments, and that it will remain competitive in studio pricing to allow for improved local productions with limited budgets. Moon Valley Studios is not only a unique operational dry-hire studio. Shared services will include productions offices, editing suites, art department facilities, wardrobe, changing and dining areas.
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