Rehad Desai is a #SWIFTChampion

Code of Conduct Signing

Rehad Desai is Chairperson of the Independent Producers Organisation and the South African Screen Federation, he is one of the #SWIFTChampions for signing the MOU to commit to supporting the Code of Conduct of Good Practice in the workplace.

Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) is a South African NPO for women working in film and television. SWIFT acknowledges that sexual abuse and harassment of women on set has been and continues to be one of the most important struggles of the film and television industries both locally and abroad. One of SWIFT’s missions is to expose sexual and racial abuse and discrimination in the workplace and, furthermore, to prevent such occurrences from taking place in the first instance. In order to do this, SWIFT has undertaken an extensive survey on sexual harassment and discrimination in the South African film and television industry in order to allow us to gain more accurate insight into the current state of women in our industry. The results of the survey were shocking with almost 70% of respondents felt that they had been discriminated against based on their gender and more than 23%  disclosed that they had been violated.

SWIFT are in the process of encouraging broadcasters and funding bodies to support the Code of Conduct initiative. This will ensure that women are protected when it comes to reporting and dealing with cases of sexual harassment and will make the industry safer for women. SWIFT is fully committed to putting a complete stop to sexual abuse in our industry and would like to encourage women who need psychological assistance or would like to take legal action against the abuse that they have experienced in the workplace, to contact their Advocacy and Impact Committee at As always, we would also take this opportunity to call on all men in the South African film and television industries to act as allies in this regard.



I pledge to never commit nor support sexual harassment in all its manifestations.

I pledge to speak up if I witness sexual harassment.

I pledge to educate others on how we can end the culture that perpetuates sexual harassment.

And finally I urge every person regardless of race, age, ability or gender to take this Pledge because it’s time we took a stand and said:  #ThatsNotOk