Marvin Saven

IPO Vice-Chairperson Western Cape. Marvin Saven is a partner and Financial Director at Moonlighting Films. He joined the company in 2004 and leads Moonlighting in all financial matters, from co-production structuring and film financing to accounting and tax planning for all of Moonlighting’s film and TV projects. Recognised as an industry leader in the utilisation of co-production treaties, Marvin has spearheaded the structuring of such co-pro projects as “The Borrowers” (Working Title Television), “Death Race 2” (Universal Germany), “Flight of the Storks” (H&V / EuropaCorp) and “The Girl” (Warner Bros Germany / Wall to Wall). He structured the first co-productions produced under the SA / UK Treaty (“Skin”) and SA / France Treaty (“Skoonheid”) and  he heads the film industry task team that was set up to engage with the NFVF (the South African competent authority) on co-pro matters.


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