Ramadan Suleman

IPO representative on SASFED council.  Ramadan Suleman was born in 1955 in Kingsrest Bluff, near Durban, South Africa. He studied at the School for Research in African Theatre. He was one of the founding member of the Dhlomo Theatre, the first black theatre in South Africa. He entered cinema as a casting director, and began directing short films in 1984. After studying in Paris, then at the London International Film School, he worked as assistant director with two of Africa’s legendary filmmakers – Med Hondo on Lumière Noire, and Souleymane Cisse on Yeelen. His short film The Devils Children (89) won a certificate of merit at the Chicago film festival. Ramadan is very involved in the film industry in South Africa and holds positions at both the South African Screen Federation (SASFED) and the Independent Producers Organisation (IPO).

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