‘Pass on the Kindness’ call for clips

The Smalls has been briefed to create a social film on behalf of a Global Health Organisation.  We want to create a gigantic ‘Pass on the Kindness’ film that invites creators from every corner of the world to share their kindness and pass it on to the next person through the magic of editing. Whatever kindness they want to share – celebrating a neighbour who is a nurse, painting a picture for a loved one, delivering groceries to the elderly, or just sharing something funny with the world – we want to show the contagious nature of kindness.

At the end of each clip, we would like each person to ‘pass on’ the kindness to the next person and then using the magic of editing, we will cut these together seamlessly, so it’s as if two people that are other ends of the world are in sync. The aim of the film is to inject positivity into audiences, by reminding them of all of the good that can come out of this crisis, and by showing them the ‘togetherness’ and sense of global community that it has created. 

We will be ensuring the film is a good representation of a number of global markets. We will be commissioning clips from multiple countries around the world. Please sign the NDA to retrieve access to the full brief and submission form.

Pitch Deadline
21 May 2020 10:00 SAST
Content Delivery
06 June 2020 01:00 SAST
Shoot Location