Jungle Beat the Movie

Many of you may be familiar with the Jungle Beat animation TV series that has been broadcast globally and has over a billion views on their Youtube channel. But, if you’ve never watched an episode before, now is the perfect time to binge the entire show in anticipation of the new film Jungle Beat the Movie. Jointly created by Sandcastle Studios in Mauritius and Sunrise Productions in South Africa, the film is a family-friendly, action-packed epic adventure.

All your favourite characters from the TV series are joined in the jungle by Fneep, an alien on a mission to conquer the planet. Unfortunately for the alien he’s a terrible conquerer. He feels homesick and he’s crashed his ship. In spite of Fneep’s motivation for being on Earth, the jungle gang bands together to help him find his way home. Full of surprises, crazy antics and heartwarming friendships Jungle Beat the Movie is sure to delight any audience. The Jungle Beat franchise and its audience have been continuously growing since 2005 and their debut feature film is certain to escalate this.

The characters that so many have watched and loved for years, are given a whole new dimension in this film that can only make you love them more. Moreover, it is suitable for all ages. Executive producer, Jacqui Cunningham, states, “Making a film that the whole family can enjoy together is our passion.”

To top the excitement of the film’s upcoming release, selected from over 3,000 films across 94 countries, Jungle Beat the Movie will officially compete in the 2020 Annecy International Animation Festival from 15 – 30 June. The festival takes place annually in Annecy, France and is the world’s largest animation festival. This year the competition will take place online due to current restrictions on international travel.

Set to release worldwide, the movie will be available on Amazon, Google Play and Apple TV, DSTV Box Office and Truth TV. Visit www.junglebeatthemovie.com to find out more.