Announcement On The Adoption Of IPO’s Fringing Policy

Fringing begins!

IPO production companies are committing to fringing to build capacity and deliver benefits to members. So far the following companies are implementing fringing:

Known Associates Entertainment, Moonlighting, Spier Films, Stained Glass TV, Yellowbone Entertainment, Uhuru Productions, Mannequin Pictures, Thamzin Media, Lincoln Green Media, Rous House, Coal Stove Pictures, Rough Diamond Films, Impi Films, and LCH MEDIA.

We thank these members for their commitments and appreciate the capacity this will build for the IPO and in turn, the positive impact this will have on the industry as a whole.

A few of Benefits of a well resourced IPO include;

Submissions to and lobbying of government: developing compelling submissions to government and its agencies on draft amendments, regulations and policies affecting our sectors. Critical amongst these are the Copyright & Performers’ Protection Amendment Bills.

Development and training: the IPO will implement a range of mentorship, capacity-building and training initiatives to up-skill the industry with a particular focus on new entrants to the industry while running masterclasses for the more advanced members as well as aligning with SACIA for the professional registration of industry workers. Including International training opportunities.

Support for gender equality and safe sets, establishment of protocols and enforcement mechanisms.  IPO will have more capacity to work with SWIFT, NFVF and other partners to eliminate the scourge of sexual harassment in the production process.

Transformation: developing more robust policies on transforming the industry by training more black creatives, monitoring progress in share of the industry which is being transformed, engaging with government on the best tools in this regard, developing databases of verified BEE suppliers and industry professionals (especially females and HODs) and facilitating structured mentorship programmes between emerging and established producers.

Standardisation and professionalisation of industry so that productions run more smoothly. These include the development of standardised contracts and discussions around royalties that actors are now demanding.

International delegations and trips to markets and festivals

Networking events

Seminars and webinars

Legal Aid

Industry Ombuds: establishing and sourcing funding for this vital service to be offered to all workers and employers in the screen sector, to rapidly and effectively resolve disputes and address concerns raised by the Department of Employment & Labour

Growth: marketing South Africa as a destination for international service work but also for co-productions and promoting the local sector through our affiliations with international organisations and studios.

Development funding: lobbying for mechanisms to increase development funding in the country, which is a long-standing issue holding back the industry.

Terms of trade: negotiating with broadcasters and platforms on equitable terms of trade.

How does Fringing work

Fringing is a levy on productions.
— 1% of payroll capped at R400k per productions for international production
— 0.3% of on production budgets for local productions (features and broadcast), capped at R100K p.a.
— For co-productions, either 1% of payroll or 0.3% of production budget depending on where the lead producer is based

Contact our team and register now to support your IPO: ad***********@ip*.za 
Thank you!