Call for SAFTAs Jury

The South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) extends a call to the South African Film and Television industry to nominate or submit individuals who will form part of the SAFTAs Jury. The SAFTAs Jury will be tasked with the enormous responsibility of maintaining the integrity of the SAFTAs judging process and ensuring judging is conducted following the highest film and television awards standards.  The nominated individuals will also need to be fully engaged in the judging process to ensure a credible process.

  1. Each jury shall be balanced with respect to age, gender, experience, ethnicity, and industry skill.
  2. An invitation will be sent out to previous SAFTA winners and key Industry specialists with a minimum 8-year experience and specialised skill set competency to form part of the 2021 Jury.
  3. Juries should preferably amount to an odd number with a recommended minimum of 7 and a maximum of 10 judges per panel.
  4. A preference of 70% of the skilled members of a particular jury should be practitioners working within the craft of each category.
  5. The judging process has 2 phases and 90 judging categories to deliberate on.

Judging will take place during 1 February – 2 April 2021. For more information or submission, contact Stacey Takane: st*****@nf**.za by the 10th of January 2021, 17h00. All submissions/nominations must include a profile of the person being nominated accompanied with a copy of their CV.