Cape Town beaches open for permitting again

Cape Town’s pristine beaches and stunning parks will again feature in films and commercials currently being shot in the Mother City. This after the City’s Film Office was given the go ahead to issue permits for filming along the coastline under stringent conditions, including that the workplace is COVID-19 health and safety compliant.

It is important to note that beaches are still closed to the general public and that production companies are permitted to film on the beach under strict compliance measures. Production companies are required to employ specialised environmental officers to ensure the integrity of our coastline is protected during film shoots. The office is also issuing permits for filming at City parks on a similar basis.

 Previously access to parks and beaches was prohibited by national government regulations to curb the spread of COVID-19.  Over the last couple of months, the industry has been severely impacted by a combination of the COVID-19 outbreak, the lockdown restrictions especially in terms of travel and the downturn in business. However, the City of Cape Town, through the Film Office and Film Cape Town, is continuing to provide support to the industry through permits, promoting our city as a premier film destination and unlocking more locations to ensure its sustainability.  

This industry is vitally important to Cape Town not only for its glitz and glam, but also because it showcases the beauty and the talent of this city. It is also a catalyst for economic growth, contributes about R3,5 billion a year to the local economy and employs thousands of people. In addition, the City of Cape Town, working with the industry, developed a 36-page Standard Operating Procedure document which serves as a guideline for the film industry in dealing with COVID-19. It outlines the basic technical measures companies have to put in place to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace and to protect their employees.

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