Discop Johannesburg Offers for IPO members

A newly revamped DISCOP JOHANNESBURG program will see a scope that goes beyond content buying and selling. In line with DISCOP Market’s vision to promote the commerce and co-production of multi-screen entertainment content across Africa, the upcoming edition, to be held from 20 to 22 November, will put a strong emphasis on African television projects in development, partnerships with South Africa, the booming animation sector, and the export of content produced on the continent.

The IPO has entered into an extended cooperation partnership with Discop Johannesburg which includes:

A 50% reduction on pricing for paid up IPO members – this discount runs up the day before the event.  Should you wish to take up the offer please mail ad***********@ip*.za with the subject line Discop Discount

10 free tickets for paid up IPO members who are unable to afford the Discop fees.  Those members wanting to make use of this offering must please send ad***********@ip*.za (with the subject line Discop Motivation) a motivation letter for consideration.  Should the IPO receive more than 10 motivations, priority will be given to emerging producers. Deadline is 15 September.

Further to this the IPO has been offered exhibition space for the duration of the event.  The Membership and Communications Committee will oversee this space and will reach out to members for both assistance in manning the space as well as for materials to be shared at the stand.

Discop 2019 is also fully focusing on creating more content engagements and pitching opportunities for South African producers.  For the first time Discop will be putting in place a pitching panel to international broadcasters and producers looking to co-produce.  Sixteen projects will be chosen to pitch from paid up IPO members.  We will be sending an email shot to all members on what the criteria are for pitching and will also be asking for volunteers to vet and choose projects to pitch within September.

Discop will also strongly be focusing on co-productions this year.  The highlighted country for 2019 is the United Kingdom but sessions for Canada, Australia and France will also be undertaken.  Discop is asking for any members who are in the process of a co-production with any of the countries to please assist in showcasing how they have navigated/ are navigating the process to be part of these panels. For more information, email ad***********@ip*.za