Dominee Tienie picked up by international distributor

Following a phenomenal 9-week run at the local box office, Dominee Tienie is headed for the USA. The film will make its American premiere at the 52rd WorldFest in Houston Texas on 13 April. This is one of the world’s oldest independent film festivals and of the thousands of entries received every year, only 100 films are accepted to screen over the 9 days of the festival.

The film has already been picked up by an international sales agent Phil Gorn of WonderPhil Entertainment. The San Fransisco-based company specialises in the distribution of independent films in the US, China and South America. Depending on the platform and country, the film is either screened in Afrikaans with English subtitles or dubbed into language of the specific market.

Dominee Tienie director, Sallas de Jager’s previous film Free State was also successfully distributed in these territories. “We are thrilled to be able to cement the relationship we have Phil Gorn De Jager through this film. Gorn’s sense is that Dominee Tienie has enough universal themes to resonate with audiences worldwide”.

Dana Snyman, who created the one-man theatre piece on which the screenplay is based, recently won the coveted Andrew Murray prize for literature. “I am thrilled to have been honoured with the Andrew Murray prize. I wish that my late father, who was a dominee, had been around to share this this moment. How he and my late mother prayed for me…” said Snyman. He also praised all those who have been part of the play’s journey. “This play would not have succeeded if not for Frank Opperman, who gave life to Dominee Tienie”. He also expressed his thanks to Piet de Jager and Sallas de Jager of Bosbok Ses-Films for the masterful way in which they gave life to the story on the big screen. “Had it not been for the film, I doubt that I would have been awarded the prize.”

Dominee Tienie is currently available on DSTV Box Office and will be available on DVD from May 2019.