Fundraising Call To Support The Lobbying Of The Amendment Bills

The National Council of Provinces is set to meet on 5 September to pass the Copyright & Performers’ Protection Amendment Bills and send them to the President for signing, which he’s under pressure to do by the end of November and, unless he has a significant and public reason not to sign, is legally required to do. The many creative industries’ organisations against the Bills have joined forces to mount a legal case to compel the President to refer the Bills to the Constitutional Court. The Commercial Producers Association is coordinating the fundraising effort to raise the legal fees required and have asked us to share the message;

“Now is the last chance for the creative industries to prevent the above Bills from being passed into law. These Bills will profoundly impact the industry, the viability of businesses and work opportunities across the sector and, at the end of the day, your pocket and ability to produce in South Africa. On Tuesday 5 September, the National Council of Provinces will vote to pass the Bills and will send them to the President for signing into law by the end of the year. The only thing that can stop that is a legal challenge to the President to compel him to send the Bills to the Constitutional Court for review – where we are confident numerous reasons will be identified for the Concourt to declare the Bills unfit to become law.

The cost of this legal challenge is estimated at R5 million, and organisations across the creative industries are coming together to raise this amount. The music and publishing industries have committed to raise R1.5m. The Commercial Producers Association is coordinating the AV fundraising effort (having already received donations ranging from R5k-R50k). Animation SA, the IPO and IBFC are being asked to implore their members to contribute whatever they can, no matter how much or little it may be. As an industry, we have to pull together now and dip into our pockets to ensure that our pockets aren’t completely empty in the future.

Contributions can be made to:
CPA Trust Account
Standard Bank, Rosebank Branch
Account Number: 202263568
Ref: Name of Company
Invoices can be requested by contacting the CPA’s Bobby Amm at bo***@cp***.tv

Please contribute – the industry is counting on us all.”