Intimacy Officers and Onset Guidelines

Wikipedia defines an intimacy coordinator as someone who, in theatre, film and television productions, ensures the well-being of actors who participate in sex scenes or other intimate scenes. It is also someone who works closely with the director and the actors to help choreograph the scene to best serve the characters and the story.

Intimacy coordinators are quite similar to stunt coordinators in that they work with the directors to ensure the scenes are safe for all the participants and that the simulated action is made to look as convincing and real as possible.

UK-based expert Kate Lush gave a presentation and masterclass at the Durban Film Festival where the concept was introduced to South African producers.

There are currently two companies that offer intimacy officer training and resources, one of which is Intimacy on Set, run by Ita O’Brien in the UK and who is credited with originating the concept and a company called Intimacy Directors International which is based in the US. Intimacy on Set offers a set of guidelines for producers to use when choreographing intimate scenes at

Film producer and director Sara Blecher, who has been trained as an accredited Intimacy Coordinator will be presenting a Intimacy on Set Masterclass at the Joburg Film Festival:

When:  22nd of November 2019.

Time:  2:30 pm-3:30 pm.

Where: Theatre on the Square at the Nelson Mandela Square Sandton City.

More information about the masterclass from ro**********@ta********.za