IPO AGM 2019 Preparation

It is that time of year where the AGM is upon us. The AGM will take place on 30 July 2019.

We are looking for new members to join the executive committee. Please can you send your recommendations for members to join the exec committee, not excluding yourself if you would wish to join.

The committee meets every month and is made up of the following:

  1. Chairperson
  2. Deputy Chairperson
  3. General Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Other
  6. Other
  7. Other
  8. Other
  9. Other
  10. Other
  11. Other
  12. Other

We also have sub committees working under the executive members.

Please also consider yourself or nominate other members for the sub committees

The executive committee works together to form a link between the producers, filmmakers, production companies and Government and Industry bodies to ensure professional and fair trade. The IPO is a representative body for its members.

The IPO has recently been successful in mobilising with the Communication portfolio committee to understand the industry needs.

The Executive committee is currently dealing with the SABC in regards to the Terms of Reference and Copyright Policies as well as the non-payment of it’s vendors. To empower members to promote professional and healthy work conditions, the IPO has drafted and signed a Workplace Policy that has been distributed to its members to ensure that working conditions are desirable.

The IPO held a DTI workshop in November 2017 to empower its members on how to approach the application process. The IPO has consulted with members and made an extensive submission regarding the proposed new guidelines in June 2018. The IPO is dedicated to working with all producers and organizations that share its vision towards the development of a sustainable, thriving industry, and on a regular basis sends information to members to input on strategic documents whether it be SABC issues, DAC, or other stakeholders including the NFVF, the DTI and IDC.

The key aims and objectives of the IPO are to:

  • Represent, promote and protect the specific needs and interests of producers.
  • Represent and promote the economic and cultural interests of the South African film, television and video production industry locally, continentally and abroad.
  • Develop, support and implement growth strategies for the industry to increase local, continental and international markets.
  • Promote the development and establishment of aspirant and emergent producers and production companies.
  • Overcome historical disparities within the industry, based on race, gender, disability and sexual orientation.
  • Promote the industry for the good of the broader South African economy.
  • Promote a stable and viable industrial environment within the industry.
  • Encourage professionalism and high technical and creative standards in the industry.
  • Keep producers at the forefront of technological, economic and cultural changes.
  • Interact with and create negotiating channels and standard agreements with industry-related organisations.
  • Regulate relations between members and employees or trade unions.
  • Promote health and safety standards for the industry.
  • Play a key role in education, training and enhancement of skills within the industry.
  • Inform and enlighten non-industry organisations (e.g. educational institutions, government bodies, financial institutions) about the industry.

Please assist us in maintaining an organisation that can live up to its aspirations.

Please make every effort to support the IPO by attending the AGM.


IPO Executive Committee