IPO Broadcast Subcommittee Report Back From Meeting With ETV

Our Broadcast and Department of Communications & Digital Technologies Subcommittee, Chaired by Exco member Luke Rous and Deputy Chair Siphiwe Hlabangane, had a fruitful meeting with ETV this month. A number of important topics were discussed,  including; 

  1. IPO’s stakeholder engagements with SAGE, WGSA and SAGA
  2. The DTIC policy statements 
  3. The IPO’s efforts to bring about an industry ombudsman
  4. The IPO’s efforts to complete terms of trade negotiations with broadcasters and streamers. 
  5. The IPO’s Fringing Policy

ETV responded positively at the prospect of DTIC funded productions, as an alternative funding model for their eVOD platform. The issue of modernising the request for proposal (RFP) process was discussed and while the industry appreciated ETV’s content portal, more work was required to make it into a user friendly and reliable avenue for producers to submit content proposals to the broadcaster. 

The IPO’s fringing policy was discussed and reviewed in the meeting and following the meeting, further documentation expanding on the fringing policy was sent through to the broadcaster who was alerted to the fact that the IPO’s fringing policy had been ratified and adopted and would be implemented in the coming productions.