Latest update on return to work

If you are planning to return to work from tomorrow, 1 May, please note DSAC strongly advises against it until further clarification, which should form part of the DSAC Minister’s detailed briefing early next week.

The legal opinion received by the IPO this evening, supports the view that we may not resume work, in fact that we do not fall within level 4. Please see Janet MacKenzie’s opinion below:

I have had a look at the Level 4 Lockdown Regulations dated 29 April 2020 and in particular at Part G (Media and Entertainment Services)  to Table 1 (Alert Level 4) and which states that the following activity will be permissible during Lockdown Level 4:

“Productions for local broadcast and live streaming of creative sector services in support of COVID-19 subject to directions.”

In my view, the intention of this provision is to limit production activities to only the production of content which is aimed at dealing with or in support of COVID-19 initiatives. In addition, if such productions are to take place, they must be undertaken in compliance with directions, although it is not clear as to who will provide such directions. All other productions which do not have as their primary focus COVID-19 issues are not permitted during the Level 4 lockdown. 

Kind regards,

Janet MacKenzie

Baker & McKenzie
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Johannesburg, 2196, ZA

We will continue engaging with government departments to seek clarity on this and advise you the minute we receive official feedback.

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Your IPO Exco