M-Net indefinitely postpones 8th season of Survivor SA

As global lockdown in several countries including South Africa continue and have seen TV industries shutdown, M-Net (DStv 101) has now also taken the decision to indefinitely postpone production and filming of the 8th season of Survivor South Africa.

After initially taking a wait-and-see approach when the global pandemic first started spreading worldwide in January, the Afrokaans production company and M-Net have now decided that it’s virtually impossible to continue filming a new season with the majority of the world in lockdown.

With airports closed, airlines grounded and countries having closed their borders logistically it’s impossible to move film crews and contestants out of South Africa – even more so to remote islands which under normal circumstances is a tricky and hugely intricate process. 

Filming of M-Net’s latest season entitled Survivor SA: Immunity Island was supposed to start around April with a new set of castaways for broadcast around August or September but production on the season with Nico Panagio as host has now been postponed indefinitely.

Source: Media 24