Opportunity to participate in an upcoming film about COVID-19

Connect4Climate would like to alert you to an opportunity to  participate in an upcoming film about COVID 19 being produced by Grain Media for international release since it may offer you  the chance to explore and illustrate connections between coronavirus and climate and the potential for a greener recovery. Below please find the synopsis and request from the producers.

Academy Award-winning documentarians Orlando von Einsiedel (VIRUNGA) and Dan Cogan (ICARUS) are building a team of international storytellers to collaborate on a new, multi-filmmaker telling of the COVID-19 outbreak. The world-class documentary team is supported by a leading international streaming platform to create a major feature documentary for world-wide release early next year.

The film will document the devastating effects of COVID-19 and humanity’s extraordinary response. The aim is to provide an intelligent, insightful and very human account of the pandemic that invites reflection on the important questions that are being raised; from the way that the pandemic is recalibrating our way of life to the lessons we must learn for the future. Truly global in its perspective, the documentary will follow a selection of heroes from across the world that walk among us: the selfless doctor risking their life to save others, the policy-maker working tirelessly to protect a country’s people, the courageous scientist racing against the clock to find a vaccine. It is an opportunity to tell the story of how remarkable individuals across the world rose to the challenge of fighting this pandemic and provide hope for the future.

We are seeking for international filmmakers and videographers who have been recording the unfolding stories of their own lives, the lives of people in their community, or of the heroes around them fighting to keep us all safe. To join our collective of international storytellers and help tell the story of this global challenge to humanity please contact: Lu**********@gr********.uk