Orange Gecko Presents The COVID-19 Health Screening Solution

In order to comply with the regulations stipulated in the Covid-19 Occupational Health And Safety Measures In Workplaces Covid-19 (C19 OHS) 2020 section 21, 22, 23 with regards to screening of employees before they enter the workplace, Orange Gecko have developed a simple, easy to use online solution. The app is designed to allow employees and to select the department they work in and then enter their employment number. This will allow them to answer YES or NO to 11 questions relating to symptoms of COVID-19 and health history of the employee.

The result will display a red or green screen with their company number and a time stamp. This could be displayed at security or monitored through the dashboard in office before the employee enters the workplace. The data is captured in a database for easy export to Excel for statistical and reporting record keeping. Employees who have shown symptoms will then be advised not to enter and this is noted in the database to ensure that they are not allowed to enter until they are declared healthy.

Employees that should not be allowed onsite, until cleared will be deactivated and will receive a message to this effect when they attempt to submit the survey. Once they are cleared for work, the employee is reactivated. The app has version to monitor the health of visitors to your company premises as well. In Summary, the web app was designed with the following in mind:

Low mobile data usage

Easy to access

Easy to use

Quick to deploy

Dashboard to maintain access

Overview of surveys done

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