“POACHER” surfaces for the first time!

STAGE 5 FILMS is proud to announce the acquisition of the rights for South African bestseller “POACHER – CONFESSIONS FROM THE ABALONE UNDERWORLD” by Kimon de Greef and Shuhood Abader.

For over 15 years, Shuhood Abader had been a small cog in a criminal industry stretching from the Cape underworld to Morocco and China’s luxury seafood market. As abalone vanishes from the South African coast, Shuhood’s journey takes us right into the heart of the crisis. Poacher tells the story of a deadly black market; but it’s also the story of one man, deeply conflicted, committed to his faith and searching for a better way.

Described as a classic South African narrative, the book is Superbly written and researched, Shahood’s story covers questions of race, place, economics, politics and morality.

The deal struck with NB-Uitgewers/Publishers will be adapted to the big screen by Producers Dylan Voogt (Stage 5 Films) and Filipa Domingues (FLY ON THE WALL) as a co-production between the two South African film production companies. Negotiations are underway with both local and international finance, sales and distribution partners.

Acclaimed filmmaker Bryan Little (Fokofpolisiekar, The African Cypher, Deep Blue / Middle C, U2) has been tipped to bring the story to life. Already very comfortable in the Director’s chair, this will be his debut feature film. “Abader’s story will be a character portrait that will both captivate and thrill while asking meaningful questions about the human experience”.

“We considered the project carefully and concluded that Poacher is told from a unique and intimate perspective and is a timely opportunity, given the global context of Shahood Abader’s incredible true story. Our natural world and the gap between rich and poor is visibly changing” says Voogt. “We’re thrilled to be working with Bryan for the first time! There is no one better placed to bring this action-packed film to life”.