Quinton Fredericks on ‘Thee Reel Talk’ podcast


Exco member Quinton Fredericks had an interview on “Thee Reel Talk Podcast”, hosted and executively produced by  the Independent Directors Association Africa chairperson and co-founder Andile Sinqoto. “Thee Reel Talk” is a podcast centred on truth shedding industry conversations, albeit uncomfortable, pertaining to the South African film industry’s challenges, growth, changes and areas for and of transformation.

This is what Quinton had to say about being on the podcast: “The conversation between myself and Andile was both refreshing and critical to address the long overdue, real and suppressed dialogue around transformation in the Film and Television Industry. This is being glossed over under the guise of cosmetic Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa, which has failed to meaningfully empower black creative producers and small businesses in the broader creative industries economy. This is the essence of the conversation between myself and Andile, which needs to gain traction and more focused attention and intervention by both government and the private sector if we are to address the systemic, historical exclusion of black people from participation in the economy.”