SAFREA Freelancer Rates Survey

SAFREA’s annual Media Industry and Rates survey for 2020 is live. Freelancers have relied on the results of the survey to benchmark your rates, lobby for better pay and conditions and understand the state of your art. Since 2016, the survey has provided a service to the entire freelance creative and professional media sector – including journalists, script writers, photographers, videographers, illustrators, graphic designers, translators, editors and others. The research looks at rates that respondents have been willing to accept in the past year and how the people and practices of the freelance media sector are changing over time. The results of the study are used extensively by employers, media businesses and researchers.

Please fill out the 2019/2020 survey today. It takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Participation is voluntary and anonymous. Data will remain confidential. Click here to start:

The survey results have never been more important as a tool to understand where South African freelance media professionals and creatives stand – before and after the Covid19 virus. As an added incentive, two randomly selected respondents who complete the survey stand to win an annual membership to SAFREA with full benefits worth R500.

For the first time, respondents are asked to indicate what they consider to be a fair market rate should be for the services that they provide. We hope to be able to provide more granular data this year by cross-referencing certain values like region and monthly income or experience and income levels. Your participation will make the survey results more useful to all. To complete the survey go to:

To view older survey reports visit this link. The survey will remain open until 30 April 2020.