Stream the local film ‘Moffie’ online

The cinematic release of the acclaimed local film Moffie has been severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic sweeping across the globe. The film’s five-star reviews make it a must-see, but visiting a cinema to watch it is not possible during the current lockdown and health emergency the world is facing.

As people stay at home to protect themselves and those around them, the team behind the film have come up with an alternative plan to make the film available to an audience stuck indoors. Producer Eric Abraham and director Oliver Hermanus initiated a process to make the film available for streaming online.

Moffie, the story of a young conscript who battles to survive compulsory military service in apartheid-South Africa while coming to terms with his sexual orientation, is now available to watch from the comfort of your own couch. According to Hermanus, Abraham suggested a back-up plan for the film’s release and distribution well before social distancing became the order of the day.

“We really want you all to see Moffie, and over the last week set up a system to bring our film to the safety of your home,” says Hermanus. “You may be stuck indoors, so hopefully we can keep you entertained,” he added.


Tickets cost R150 per viewing and is valid to use for 24 hours from the time of purchasing. The film can only be watched once from start to finish – but you can press pause at any time during the 24-hour period. However, if you navigate away from the current viewing (e.g. close the tab or browser, refresh the page, restart your computer) your session will be lost, and your ticket invalid.

Please check the load shedding schedule for your area prior to starting the film. Unfortunately, if your viewing session is interrupted, you cannot watch the film again. To stream the film a minimum line speed of 8MBps is recommended, though a faster line speed of 10MBps is preferred. If your line speed is slower than 8MBps, the film will keep buffering, and you’ll have a stop-start viewing experience.

Oliver Hermanus

The team apologised in advance for any unforeseen hiccups as they are “still figuring out the kinks but trying our best to give you the best viewing experience”. They welcome viewers to reach out to them on social media for assistance.