Broadcast Policies and Regulations Resource Pack

Justine Limpitlaw from the SOS Coalition has compiled as very helpful resource pack, for anyone who wants to be up to speed on all matters broadcasting and media.
The ICASA Act, 2000 – which establishes ICASA and sets out its roles – this is important to understand in order to understand the role of ICASA and the ambit of its powers. This is to be read in conjunction with section 192 of the Constitution which is available here.

The Electronic Communications Act, 2005 – which is the general legislation governing electronic communications – the critical chapter for SIS purposes is Chapter 9 which deals with Broadcasting. Download

The Broadcasting Act, 1999 – which is the legislation governing the SABC. It is due to be overhauled soon as you will have seen from our submissions on the SABC Bill (in which we provided our own version of an SABC Bill and a Constitutional Amendment Bill to improve the constitutionally-protected independence of ICASA – speak to William if you haven’t seen those yet). Download

The Draft White Paper on Audio and Audio-Visual Content Services which proposes to overhaul all of the above. We are expecting another draft shortly from the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies (DCDT) but until then this what we are working with. Download

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa’s (BCCSA) Codes of Conduct for Free to Air (FTA) and subscription broadcasters. Download

The Press Council’s Code for print and online media. Download

The SABC Editorial Policies as they are pretty voluminous but there are available for free download here

Justine’s 84-page chapter on South Africa in her book Media Law Handbook for Southern Africa which deals with all of the above in an overview way and might be a useful place to start. Download