Join the IPO

Thank you for your interest in joining the IPO!

Please complete this application form PRIOR to paying membership fees, we ask that all membership applications are approved by the Executive Committee. Once your application has been approved (which may take up to a week – please be patient with us), an invoice will be emailed to you for payment. Your invoice is proof of your membership but you are welcome to request a membership confirmation letter that can be used in DTIC rebate applications etc.

See the section below for details on the different membership subscription options.

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If you prefer to complete a pdf version of the IPO Membership Application, please download, fill in and send to the Administrator on

Membership Benefits
  • Representation with key stakeholders such as government departments, agencies such as NFVF, broadcasters and streamers, sister organisations and SASFED
  • Extensive network of experienced producers and associated resources, our email advice service and bespoke zoom or telephonic assistance from the Secretariat, Executive Director and / or EXCO
  • Free access to all our webinars and knowledge share sessions
  • Access to all submissions and policy discussions that affect the working life of producers (see our resources section for examples)
  • Access to our monthly newsletter and sharing your news on our social media platforms
  • Advertising job opportunities, internship placements and mentorship connections
  • Access to free and reduced registrations such as Durban FilmMart, IMdb, etc

Choosing a Membership Option

The main distinction will be whether you want to join as an individual or as a company. If you want to join as a company member, the membership subscription fee is calculated on a sliding scale dependent on your annual turnover: 

Company Producer Member: A producer member shall be an independent legal entity (e.g. company, close corporation, partnership) principally engaged in, or pursuing the business of producing in the South African film, television, commercial, video or multi-media production industry, and formally carries ultimate responsibility for their productions; and which has a production history (i.e. has actually produced a finished product). Legal entities shall nominate one representative from that legal entity. The nominated representative does not qualify for any (other) membership category. The membership fee structure is based on the annual turnover of the company for the most recent tax year.

Company Member Annual Membership Fees

  • Producer Member: (annual turnover 0 – R500 000): R1 000
  • Producer Member: (annual turnover R500 000 – R1 500 000): R5 000
  • Producer Member: (annual turnover R1 500 000 – R5 000 000): R10 000
  • Producer Member: (annual turnover R5 000 000 – R10 000 000): R15 000
  • Producer Member: (annual turnover R10 000 000 and more): R20 000

If you are wanting to join in your personal capacity as an individual, we suggest that you consider the categories below – Individual, Introductory and Associate members:

Individual Member: An individual member is an individual employed as an “in-house” producer by another independent producer or production company or a “free-lance” producer or “line producer”, employed from time to time as a producer Any number of individual members who are employed by an independent producer or production company, and who are bona fide producers, shall qualify for membership in this category. No person employed (not contracted or commissioned) by a broadcaster on a full-time basis will qualify for individual membership. Annual Membership Fees: R500

Introductory Member: An introductory member is a “new producer” (an individual or legal entity) who has not yet produced in the in the South African film, television, commercial, video or multi-media production industry. Annual Membership Fees: R500

Associate Member: An independent individual who is actively involved in the local production industry but who is not principally engaged in or pursuing the business of producing and therefore only produces, or pursues the business of producing on an ad-hoc basis (e.g. line producers, directors, editors, writers); or working in a related industry discipline; or an individual who is employed (not contracted or commissioned) as an “in-house” producer by a broadcaster. This category also includes producers who have been inactive and without production work for 6 months or more.  Annual Membership Fees: R500

Affiliate member: The Affiliate membership is specifically for companies that are involved in the AV sector’s value chain, but not as producers. An organisation or company which is engaged in or provides services and/or facilities for the South African film, television, commercial, video or multi-media production industry. Affiliate members have added benefits of access to our members in webinars and panels where their expertise is relevant and  contribute to our newsletter twice a year in the form of an article where they share their knowledge and highlight their services. Annual Membership Fees: R10 000

The Affiliate option includes a complimentary advertorial worth R2000 comprising the following package: 

  • 1 x advertorial article in our email newsletter
  • 1 x advertorial placed on our website
  • 3 x social media posts on our TwitterFacebook and Instagram feeds – we suggest that these be scattered across a month or two but happy to arrange the timings with your guidance

Honorary Member: An honorary member is an individual who, on the basis of his/her contribution to the industry as a producer, is invited by the membership to join the organisation in this category. Applications for people who feel they should stand in this category should accompany such an application form. Annual Membership Fees: R500

If you are currently studying to become a producer, we welcome you to join the IPO and make the most of our networking opportunities, knowledge shares and access to experienced producers:

Student member: Individuals who are studying – undergoing training with a registered training institution. Annual Membership Fees: R50

If you’re stumped as to which membership option you should choose, please consult our Administrator on