A Message from our Chair and Deputy-Chair

Every Sunset Brings the Promise of a New Dawn

Spurred on by a new spirit of engagement, the newly elected IPO Exco gathered over two days in April in order to chart a new course and direction for the organisation.

In a world of increasing global economic uncertainty and political turmoil, the South African Film and Television Industry finds itself at a collective crossroads. With legislative changes threatening the very fabric of our endeavour, the promise of a prosperous tomorrow is constantly undermined by the compromise of yesterday, setting the precedent of today’s confounding calamitous state.

The implosion of governance is promulgating the necessity for this sector to chart its own course, in spite of the turbulent economic and political winds that howl and blow. At no other time has there been quite this level of urgency to collectively join forces as an industry, as we seek to frame our own collective destiny.

With new energy and fresh perspectives in the room, bolstered by the legacy knowledge of previous Exco members, this Exco is ready to achieve significant strides — read on below where we outline our key resolutions taken during our two-day strategy conference ‘Bosberaad’…. Let’s GO!