Annecy 2020 Cancelled but the Show Goes Online

The Annecy International Animation Film Festival has announced the cancellation of its 2020 Edition on 07 April 2020. The Animation Film Capital of the world will have a digital version: Annecy 2020 Online.

The Annecy Team released a statement cancelling this year’s festival programme and the celebration of its 60th anniversary, instead, a digital version called Annecy 2020 Online will be available for the animation and film community from 15th to 20th June as most of the best of 2020 animation will be available on the platform as they are currently in the process of developing. 

“It is with tremendous disappointment that we are resigned to cancelling the Annecy 2020 Festival. Over the past few weeks, driven by our passion and enthusiasm, despite the confinement constraints we were nevertheless hoping to maintain the exceptional edition that we had in store for you. We were so looking forward to greeting you as we do every year.

But the international situation compels us to act with lucidity and responsibility, to show our respect and deep gratitude to the health care providers, as well as all those who choose solidarity in the public’s interest. Annecy is not only a party, but it’s also a family gathering and we cannot bring ourselves to celebrate animation and our 60th anniversary when some among you would not be able to attend.

For several weeks, our founding members, partners, suppliers, professionals and creators have been sending us their full support, and for this, we are immensely grateful. These encouragements motivate us to offer Annecy 2020 Online, as that would give access to exclusive works and original content despite the current circumstances.

Other unique and exclusive contents are being considered, based on our usual formats that make the Festival, Market (Mifa) and Meetings a resounding success!

Developing Annecy 2020 Online is both a technical and human challenge, which seemed an obvious choice to us: our event plays an indispensable role in the entire animation film sector, and is even more reason why we should be here during this unique situation.

Discover, view, communicate, exchange, launch new projects, new partnerships, spot talent, content, and so much more. This is the unique online experience with the unbeatable Annecy trademark that we will be provided specially for you.

The team is mobilized, so see you in 2021 to finally celebrate the Festival’s 60th anniversary, and African animation, in Annecy.”

More information about Annecy 2020 Online coming soon.