Cabin Fever on DSTV Box Office

Videovision Entertainment will be releasing the lockdown inspired film, CABIN FEVER on DSTV’s Box Office platform on 5 August 2020. CABIN FEVER is the world’s first feature film to be created under lockdown conditions.  The film was made over 34 days in full lockdown conditions, with actors in different parts of the world (Cape Town, Johannesburg, Abu Dhabi, Wales and Australia).  No crew, nor any specialist movie equipment were used, and it was filmed by the cast using only phones and laptops, while the script was tailored to the locations in which the actors found themselves. Written, directed and edited by Tim Greene, CABIN FEVER stars Jenna Upton, Keenan Arrison, Ndoni Khanyile, James Cunningham, Michelle Scott, Skye Russell, Bonko Khoza, Tem Muller, Lesego Chabedi, Jessica Pietersen Scott and Angela Lieveaux.

CABIN FEVER tells the story of a family, all under lockdown in different parts of the world, who are brought together by the second wife after she learns that her husband’s first wife is dying of Covid-19. Family differences and conflicts come to the surface as they each try to come to terms with their emotions which are heightened during the lockdown. The film is a haunting and emotional tale of a family flung to the far corners of the world, reaching out across the void to find intimacy, understanding and eventually forgiveness.

You may watch the trailer at: