COVID-19 Alert and SASFED Protocols Resource

Dear colleagues

Please review the June 2021 SASFED H&S protocols and familiarise yourselves with the guidelines especially regarding numbers allowed on productions and shooting floors.

Please note: the requirements for catering are currently under review as many productions have found that boxed meals are resulting in stomach problems on set. Some productions have re-introduced buffet catering under strict measures to ensure social distancing and highly-sanitised dispensing of food, while others have opted to pay production personnel a stipend to buy their own daily food and refreshments. Until we receive final word from the Department of Health, you may chose whichever option works best for you. However, should you return to buffet catering,  the very strictest measures must be put in place to limit handling of food and utensils (which must be sterilised) and ensuring consistent sanitisation of catering personnel (we recommend only one person per station) while ensuring adherence to social distancing.

As advised a few days ago, the Department has already commenced site inspections in our sector and this is likely to be stepped up should we allowed to continue working. You absolutely have to adhere to all the protocols as it would be tragic if a few non-compliant productions were to result in the entire industry being shut down. We are already viewed as a ‘super-spreader’ sector, so need to be 100% compliant – for the good of all production personnel, our productions and the industry as a whole.

As always, the IPO will do its utmost to engage with relevant authorities to allow work to continue and to minimise any negative impact on our industry. 

Take care and stay safe.

Always in your best interests

Your IPO Exco