FIAT-IFTA Conference on Broadcast Archives

The 2021 FIAT-IFTA World Congress on Broadcast Archives hosted by SACIA will take place from 19-21 October. The IPO’s co-chair Quinton Fredericks will participate in a panel discussion on recovering South Africas’s missing history at 11h30 on Tuesday 19 October. The panel discussion topic is: While the SABC’s television service was introduced in 1976, the Corporation’s radio stations were launched in 1936. As a state-owned entity, the station’s content and archive were structured to present and record an apartheid-era narrative, with little emphasis on capturing African culture from the perspective of indigenous Black Africans.
This imbalance was addressed in 1994 when South Africa held its first democratic elections, including people from all racial groups. However, the SABC archive still represented 60 years of biased content and cultural history. Is this history now lost? How do content creators access information on these missing years?
The title of this year’s FIAT/IFTA conference is “Advancing the digital dividend”. The past year has shown that we need to be agile, able to rapidly adapt to change. We must continue to ensure our remit in acquisition, preservation, access and use is to the fore so that the archives can deliver on the promise of the social, cultural and economic leverage that they comprise. In other words, we must ensure that the digital dividend, the return to society of our efforts, becomes as large, as visible and as viable as possible. This is why the 2021 FIAT/IFTA World Conference programme features the following chapters:

  • Digital preservation: an era of new challenges
  • New actors, new models, new processes in MAM and metadata creation
  • Relevance, engagement and distinctiveness: the archive as a public actor
  • Archival value: between return on society and return on investment
  • Local issues, global perspectives

Visit the FIAT/IFTA congress website and register to participate.

OPPORTUNITY: The organizers of FIAT-IFTA World Congress on Broadcast Archives are offering five IPO members a free seat at the congress. Please email a short motivation to ad***********@ip*.za by 5pm on Friday 8 October.