IDFA IBF funding call open until 10 June

IDFA’S IBF CLASSIC fund is open for projects in development, production and post production phases.

PROJECT DEVELOPMENT: Contributions for project development during the early phase play a crucial role in starting up a project. This grant is meant to support directors in their research, writing and/or with the production of visual material for the project presentation. The maximum contribution for project development is €7,500. 

PRODUCTION & POST-PRODUCTION: Financial support for production and post-production allows filmmakers to actually realise their projects. The maximum contribution for production & post-production is €25,000. These contributions can be spent on all forms of production and post-production, from filming and editing to making the documentaries suitable for screening in cinemas, on television and at international festivals. 

Deadline is 10 June 2023. Find out more on the categories and requirements here.