Intimacy Co-ordination Protocols Launch

The 14th April is the launch of the ‘Protocols for Working with Intimate Content in TV, Film and Associated Media – South Africa’. 

These guidelines have been created and compiled in consultation with The South African Screen Federation, The Independent Producers Organisation, The Personal Managers’ Association, South African Guild of Actors, South African Guild of Editors, Sisters Working in Film and Television, The Writers’ Guild of South Africa, The Casting Directors’ Association, the Independent Black Filmmakers Collective and Intimacy Practitioners South Africa.

These South African audiovisual industry organisations have been working collectively on the protocols for the last 15 months and hope that these will provide guidance to all in the industry as to how to keep cast and crew safe when working with intimate content. 

Intimate content can be defined as any moment of personal contact executed by a performer while appearing in a scene, and will also include any nudity or semi-nudity.

These protocols will not only let actors and their agents know what questions they should be asking at auditions, through contracting, onto set and into post-production, they’ll also help all audiovisual industry practitioners throughout the value chain – so writers, producers, crew and editors will know what steps they can take to  help them deal with intimate content in a safe, respectful and creative way.

Please find the Protocols attached and if you want to discuss them at all, or require any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: Kate Lush in*****************@gm***.com

Protocols for Intimate Content in TV, Film, Associated Media SA