IPO statement on the resignation of the former NFVF CEO and the appointment process to fill the post

10 July 2018

The IPO notes the advertisement for a new CEO of the NFVF and encourages all its members that have the requisite qualifications and experience to apply. The NFVF is vital to the growth of a healthy and sustainable creative industry and the CEO is a key position in realising the vision of the NFVF Act in this regard.

The IPO is excited by the opportunities that a new CEO at the NFVF could present to the industry and ask the DAC and the Council of the NFVF to consider the following attributes as fundamental to the position when selecting the CEO.

  1. A passion for, and a deep knowledge of, film and television and its importance for both cultural and economic growth and development.

  1. A thorough knowledge of the issues surrounding transformation of the industry and with good ideas as to how to effectively strengthen transformation initiatives.

  1. Empathy for film and Television writers, directors, producers and distributors and a desire to encourage the growth of careers and businesses in the industry.

  1. A passion for the “core business” of the NFVF which is the Development, Production and Distribution of film and television productions.

  1. A thorough knowledge of the NFVF Act and in particular a familiarity and deep commitment to implementing clause 16 “The Foundation shall utilise its funds to defray expenses in connection with the performance of its functions: Provided that at least 75% of the Funds granted (By Parliament) shall be distributed as grants in support of the Film and Video Industry” by ensuring that the NFVF’s expenses are kept below 25% of the funds received from Parliament and the balance of funds are distributed to the industry in support of the industry and its objectives.

  1. An openness to regular consultation with industry bodies and to achieving consensus with the industry as to the spending priorities of the NFVF in terms of the 75% of funds that are to be distributed to the industry every year under the NFVF Act.

  1. A knowledge of research and policy development to assist the industry in presenting new and innovative policies to government to grow and develop the industry.

  1. High level written and verbal communication skills and a proven ability to raise funding from public sources to grow the budget of the NFVF over time in order to better fund the industry.

  1. Easy going and humble disposition to enable effective liaison between Government Departments that are vital parts of the creative industries – the DAC, DOC and DTI, funding institutions like the IDC as well as industry organisations and broadcasters like the SABC, Mnet and eTV

We ask the DAC and NFVF Council to consider the inclusion of SASFED representatives in the interview committee since the primary purpose of the CEO is the distribution of 75% of its funds to the industry and thus, as primary clients or service users, we believe the industry should be represented in the selection of the person charged with overseeing such distribution to the industry.

For more information contact: IPO Administrator administrator@ipo.org.za