The IPO Terms of Trade & Copyright Workshop

The IPO Terms of Trade & Copyright Workshop was held at Atlas Studios on Thursday 30 November 2017. It was attended by a small group of passionate producers, some from large production companies and some who work independently. All were concerned about both the SABC Terms of Trade document, and the changes that are being contemplated in the copyright act. The two subjects were kept separate and an hour devoted to each. Harriet Gavshon led the discussion about the SABC Terms of Trade doc and a spirited session dealt with sensitive issues, such as the “Production Fee on a Sliding Scale”, “The Retention of 50% of the Production Fee”, “Ownership, Rights and Exploitation”, and “Contracts”.

The second session was led by Zikethiwe Ncgobo. Although there are many problems with the changes to the act as far as producers are concerned, the most of the discussion revolved around the two schools of thought regarding whether South Africa should opt for the “Fair Deal” or “Fair Use” principle in the Act.  (We will post more information about the difference between these two soon. Members are asked to please send any contribution they have to the argument in writing to the administrator at:ad***********@ip*.za before the 15th December 2017.