KykNET’s 10th-anniversary Silwerskerm Film Festival

In its new hybrid outfit, the 10th kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival promises to pull out all the stops once again to support local talent – performers and filmmakers and crews alike. Filmmakers, film students, movie buffs and everyone who loves South African storytelling must save the date: 23 to 26 March 2022. This is when kykNET will stage its 10th-anniversary Silwerskerm Film Festival in a vibrant hybrid format that will maintain the festival’s signature glitz, glam and prestige while allowing a much broader audience to enjoy the films and festivities.
In partnership with the City of Cape Town, the 10th kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival will play out simultaneously at its usual home – the Bay Hotel in Camps Bay, Cape Town – and virtually on the Silwerskerm website, where movie lovers will have access to the same feature film world premieres, short films and industry discussions.
While a limited number of guests, observing strict Covid-19 protocols, will be attending the festival at the Bay Hotel’s Rotunda, anyone across the country with internet access will thus be able to watch the festival offerings on the small screens of their choice at home or wherever it suits them best. In addition to this, some of the feature films from the festival programme will be screened at selected movie theatres and other venues in Cape Town.
Although there will be a small fee attached to the virtual festival, these takings – as well as those from ticket sales at public venues – will go to the Tribuo Fund, which was created to assist entertainers suffering a loss of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
In its new trendy hybrid outfit, the 10th kykNET Silwerskerm Film Festival promises to pull out all the stops once again to support local talent – performers and filmmakers and crews alike. Besides creating a seminal showcase for new and veteran local filmmakers, the 2022 festival line-up will include an increasing number of sessions with renowned international speakers sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise.
At least five new feature-length films and the seventeen short films produced with the festival’s ongoing mentorship will be eligible for the prestigious Silwerskerm Film Festival awards. Meanwhile, the Silwerskerm website has been updated with an extensive archive, featuring more than 50 movies and 160 short films that premiered at the festival since its inception in 2011.  Some of these films garnered several international awards, while others were massive box office success stories, contributing to the continued growth of the local film industry.
What to watch at Silwerskerm 2022: Feature films

Beurtkrag – 23 March at 17:30
Celebirty couple Ivan Botha and DonnaLee Roberts collaborated with director, Jozua Malherbe to make a full-length film of the screenplay of the 2015 Silwerskerm Festival’s short film, also called Beurtkrag.
Indemnity – 23 March at 20:00
This movie already impressed international audiences, with critics praising Indemnity’s cinematography. The action film by Travis Taute from Gambit Films has a brilliant cast too, including the likes of Gail Mabalane and Hlomla Dandala.
Down so Long – 24 March at 17:30
In this experimental satirical comedy-drama, Joseph Mabena lives in an informal settlement, Hangberg with his wife and extended family. The film revolves around them always being under each other’s feet and always knowing everything about everyone – an authentic tale with only two professional actors. The rest of the cast are all from the Hangberg community.
Stiekyt – 24 March at 20:00
Etienne Fourie, who has previously won a Silwerskerm Award for his film, Die Windpomp, brings audiences a thriller, which is a new genre for him. Produced by Homebrew films, Stiekyt promises to keep you nailed to your seat.
Vlugtig – 25 March at 17:30
Another short film that has been reworked into a full-length film, Vlugtig was directed by Marinus Gubitz. The talented Jane de Wet, famous for her roles in Showmax’s The Girl from St. Agnes and kykNET’s Spoorloos: Steynhof is part of the cast in this feature film.
Gaia – 25 March at 20:00
This is the very first ecological horror film in Afrikaans – a film that has received much praise internationally since premiering at the highly acclaimed South by South-West Festival in the USA in March. The feature film has even been included in the Forbes top 10 list and it won an award for the best cinematography at South by South-West.
Short films to keep an eye out for at the Silwerskerm Festival this year include Baber, Verstikking, Aan/Af, My beskermer, Nagvoël, Bennie Bingo, Bittersoet, Sporadies Nomadies, Katvis, Skyn, Twintig tone in ’n hangkas, Net ons, Die Horries, Vrywater, Bergie, Die groensone and Leemtes en leeghied. The short film project serves as a platform that hones young filmmakers’ talent, and includes a variety of genres.