Protege Short Film Crowdfunding

From the makers of post-apocalyptic short film, Day Zero, and popular sci-fi thriller, MIA&I, comes a gripping, action thriller, Protégé. This topical short film is set to spark discussion throughout South Africa and abroad and you can help to make this film a reality.

Protégé is the latest in a series of screenplays based around the same characters and set in a world much like our own, where 1 in 3 women will experience sexual violence in their lifetime. This film, which grapples with complex topics such as vengeance vs justice and the role of vigilantism within a broken justice system, was conceived by BTG Productions’ writer/director team, Stephen Nagel and Dean Ravell.

Eleven years and 7 films into their creative journey, each film by this tenacious, up-and-coming duo grows in depth, complexity and cinematic appeal. Protégé will be no different. Earlier films by Dean & Stephen including Frozen Yoghurt, Relentless and Detour, were all made with zero funding, after hours and on weekends, purely for the love of film and being able to share that with others.

Increasing the reach and impact of Protégé, a vital piece of art, comes with some complex obstacles, including production and distribution costs. BTG Productions is committed to creating a film worthy of featuring on the global stage, front and center, where this topic belongs. In addition to a beautifully nuanced story, which they already have, this task requires professional cinematic equipment and a talented, passionate crew and cast. Joining that core crew on Protégé are Nicola Duddy and Haniefa Mooideen, leading on production. Stephen Phillipson joins as cinematographer, with sound design and the original score being composed by Bobby Dean.

The above-mentioned requirements for Protégé are tricky to achieve without adequate funding. So, if you’re wondering, why crowdfunding; those are just a few of the reasons. The concept of raising smaller amounts of money from a number of different people has been around for quite some time. In the world of independent filmmaking, crowdfunding is often the only way in which films can be made. The great thing about crowdfunding is that your money doesn’t just buy the knowledge that you’re helping to create an incredible film, every funding tier offers you amazing rewards such as production credits, pre-release viewings, Protégé branded accessories and so much more!

To produce the quality of film Protégé deserves to be, BTG Productions has set their crowdfunding goal at R50 000 (+-$3,200.00). This money will be used to cover production expenses and to enter Protégé into local and international film festivals in the coming year in order for it to gain traction. You can help them bring their vision to life by contributing 1%  towards their R50 000 goal, giving yourself the opportunity to claim some awesome rewards, plus the satisfaction that comes with helping passionate filmmakers spark crucial conversations through art. Explore the Protégé crowdfunding campaign here: CLICK HERE