SA Cultural Observatory Webinar: COPYRIGHT

Public and stakeholder perceptions and concerns on current copyright and performers legislation and proposed amendments
The Bill in its current form, it has been argued, does not balance the interests of creators with the needs of society, and is heavily biased towards the users. Opponents of the Bill argue that some of the provisions of the Bill will largely impact on the more than 5 000 small and medium-sized record labels, as well as thousands of South African musicians who will not be able to sue big tech companies that are likely to take advantage of the broad exceptions in the Bill and the revenue generated by the industry will likely shrink. This could stifle the culture of writing, reading, education and training, creativity and innovation as well as the socio-economic wellbeing of South Africans. It has also been argued in the PWC report that publishers expect a 33% decrease in sales, which would equate to about R21 billion a year and a loss in tax revenue, resulting in imported publications increasing.
Wednesday 12 May at 10 – 12:00
Meeting ID: 812 2998 3236
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