Special Feature: Filming in Namibia

Namib Film was founded in 2000 and we started with humble beginnings by scouting locations for visiting producers and providing location logistics for various productions. From there onwards, we have built from strength to strength with a vast array of productions through our door. Namib Film  has facilitated Hollywood studio films, and proved to be the facilitator of choice for major Bollywood productions that have passed through Namibia.As our slogan states: “Never underestimate the advantage of local knowledge”.
All commercial filming projects in Namibia are regulated through the Namibian Film Office and  visiting productions are now required by law to work through a local registered entity who will apply for a filming permit as well as work visa, this also includes documentaries and still shoots. A selecton of our previous jobs can be viewed on our Youtube channel.

We are standing by to welcome you to Namibia in person as we are no longer on the Red List and therefore the regulations to travel to Namibia have been relaxed. We also offer Remote Filming, a unique service where you can see what the camera sees, wherever you are in the world, using on-set/on-location cameras and a secure connection.
Namib Film is proud to announce the launch of our new website. After 21 years of production services in Namibia, we are still at the forefront of facilitating international productions coming to our wonderful country.  Namib Film is in the perfect position to assist you with any genre of production you want to bring to Namibia. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a very competitive package of our services.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Guy Nockels and the Namib Film Team
+264 64 46 3371