Status of Women in the Audio-visual Sector Webinar

The audio-visual sector is critically important to support cultural preservation, create jobs and drive broader economic growth. There is general consensus that the audio-visual sector is male-dominated and is characterised by high levels of gender inequalities. The key themes and debates that emanate from the literature review pertain to the roles that the audio-visual sector plays in reinforcing or challenging gender stereotypes and dominant patriarchal norms in society.

Gender issues in the audio-visual sector are often embedded in broader discussions about workforce diversity and the cultural industries more generally. A diverse workforce does not only enhance social cohesion and equality but also makes business sense since different perspectives, experiences and interests can inform the development of new or enhanced products and services, open up market opportunities, improve market share and broaden an organisation’s customer base.  Women as cultural producers are influenced by and influence different audio-visual genres. Additionally, there is also an activist orientation evident whereby women use behind and on the screen roles to challenge images and stereotypes as well as highlight societal issues such as gender-based violence.

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