Ster-Kinekor to screen SA State Theatre productions at cinemas

Ster-Kinekor Theatres (SKT) and the South African State Theatre (SAST) have collaborated to screen theatre productions at selected cinemas across the country in June 2021.The collaboration comes as SKT and SAST navigate their ways in the new normal. The entertainment sector is the hardest hit by Covid-19 lockdown regulations, which affect audience attendance that is central to the survival of both entities.

Whilst we are grappling with the pandemic, I believe this collaboration will change the performing arts game in South Africa, particularly that of theatre. Importantly, this collaboration gives us hope for the revival and future of theatre. Now you can access theatre in various parts of our country. Many thanks to Ster-Kinekor Theatres for this empowering contribution,” says SAST’s artistic director, Aubrey Sekhabi. 

Acting CEO at Ster-Kinekor Theatres Motheo Matsau says: “Ster-Kinekor and Cinema Nouveau is proud to collaborate with the South African State Theatre to expand our event cinema repertoire in South Africa to feature local productions from incredibly talented actors, performers, writers, producers and directors on the big screen. This will provide the rest of the country an opportunity to watch the State Theatre’s productions they may have not ordinarily had the chance to see in the theatre itself.”

SAST has selected a variety of theatre productions to showcase at SKT. The exact screening dates will be confirmed and communicated in due course.