The IPO’s Get On Set Mentorship Programme wraps up

Ten young emerging filmmakers have had a chance to unlock their passion on set, in pre and post-production. The Get On Set mentorship programme has allowed these young filmmakers to be partnered with industry-experience producers.  The training provided a comprehensive overview of all aspects of and opportunities within the broader production environment, providing the most up-to-date insights into new methods of production and supporting technologies, new opportunities for distribution, alongside practical on-the-ground learnings on everything it takes to be an effective producer across all genres.

The end of the Get On Set Mentorship programme elevated the young producer with qualitative experience and the capacity to execute at an expert level. The programme created an experience through skills transfer to reliably create a sustainable industry and ensure skills transfer takes place under the oversight of the Independent Producers Organisation. 

The beauty which the ten mentees were able to take out was co-producing films with their mentors, upskilling their financial and distribution knowledge. Several mentees have applied for the NFVF PESP funding with the help of their mentors, selected for NEFTI Africa and Talents Durban, to name a few. 

Emma Tollman, one of the mentees says, “I had the privilege of being immersed in theoretical masterclasses by industry experts. Something I’ve learnt about is local co-production and its advantages, particularly as an emerging producer who hasn’t accumulated the qualitative experience and capacity to execute at an expert level. I believe those labs were invaluable in laying conceptual pathways for co-productions, but they didn’t expand networks in a way that might foster local co-production partnerships. The IPO’s Get On Set mentorship programme is unlike any other because it builds relationships, disrupts industry gatekeeping, and opens tangible doors to emerging producers.”

We would like to express our gratitude to the producers who played a significant role in the programme. Thank you for using your remarkable talents and skills to fuel our mutual efforts – Videovision, Quizzical Pictures, Rous House Productions, Nagvlug Films, Sisanda Henna Films, Known Associates Entertainment, Burnt Onion Productions, Yellowbone Entertainment, and Urban Brew Studios.
Thank you to the NFVF PESP3 fund for allowing the IPO to create a sustainable programme that has meaningfully up-skilled young emerging producers in South Africa.