UCT Sunshine Cinema Film Impact Screening Facilitator Short Course

Encounters South African International Film Festival presents one week of exclusive, free access to the brand new online UCT certificate short course UCT Sunshine Cinema Film Impact Screening Facilitator Short Course

Do you make films about social issues? Are you an aspiring impact producer or screening facilitator? Or an activist or NGO comms person who’d like to learn more about how you can use film to effect measurable change around the issues you care about? Or maybe a film student looking for a way to use your theoretical knowledge in a context where you can make a difference. Then apply today to join us during Encounters for a one week free sample of a brand new UCT short course developed by the Centre for Film and Media Studies and Sunshine Cinema to train film impact screening facilitators.

If you are selected, you’ll be added to our online learning platform where you’ll have exclusive access to the viewings, readings, activities and resources one lesson of the Impact Ecosystem module – a great introduction to the field of social change film campaigns. We’ll provide you with data so you can engage fully with the online lesson, attend a live online class with two of South Africa’s leading impact producers on Tue 15 June; plus a full festival pass.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet professional impact producers, learn about the field and immerse yourself fully in the Encounters film screening and industry event experiences. Send us your CV and a short letter of motivation telling us why you should be selected to uc**********@gm***.com. Tell us how you would benefit from dipping into our course, how you can contribute to using films for social change in Africa, and how you can pay the learning you’ll gain forward. We want to invite people who are self-motivated, passionate and committed, so show us who you are. Closing date for applications is 9am on Friday 4 June.