Working Together to Elevate the African Continent Film Industry Post-Covid

We are thrilled to announce the launch of “Pavillon Afriques Chronicles”.

The Chronicles is a series of virtual strategic panel discussions around topics aiming at improving and strengthening the African film industry and empowering film professionals from Africa and its diaspora. It will result in a white paper that will give a comprehensive outlook of the situation and the direction that the film industry stakeholders want to take for the future.

The topic for the 1st event is “Strategizing the post-covid era”.

Looking beyond the current situation, we will focus on solutions to implement now and in the long run. Because we know you are about action, not just talking!


Angela Martins – African Union Senior Cultural Officer

Femi Odugbemi – Academy Director, Multichoice Group (West Africa)

Jackie Motsepe – KwaZulu-Natal Film Commission, COO (South Africa)

Jimmy Jean-Louis – Actor / Producer – Ambassador at large to Haiti

Marinda Stein – Filmmaker, Namibia Film Commission Board member


Hortense Assaga, journalist

Karine Barclais, Pavillon Afriques founder

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