B-BBEE Industry Scorecard Update And Request For Membership Feedback

Following two months of delays, the third and final round of public consultations on the draft Event, Technical and Production Services Industry B-BBEE Scorecard will commence on the 3 August 2023, with the first of five outstanding provincial public hearings getting underway. Once this process is concluded — expected to be within the next four to six weeks — the inputs received will be collated for adoption. 

The IPO has committed to holding a workshop on the draft document for our members, so we may work together on preparing the submission of proposed adjustments, before this important document is finalised. We urge members to review
the latest draft and to highlight areas of concern, sending feedback to us via ad***********@ip*.za. This will allow us to prepare our submission as an organisation and to collate the discussion points for the workshop. We also encourage individual member companies to make separate submissions, ensuring our feedback as an industry is adequately addressed. The designed targets and weightings will have a great impact on individual businesses and the sector as a whole.

The Scorecard’s core changes are motivated as follows in the current document.

4.1. We are aware that there are a few white players who dominate our sector we therefore want to diversify and include Black companies as well.

4.2. It is true that the majority of existing entities are non-compliant. By establishing the charter council, we will ensure that we monitor and receive reports in order to encourage compliance

4.3. Re: Fronting – In light of the statement that fronting is now illegal, “we encourage our members to comply with the principles of the Transformation Charter Council so as to discourage this practice and ensure Good Practice”.

4.4. The intention of the Charter Council is to implement the sector codes and thereby regulate transformation in the sector in accordance with the Code of Good practice.

4.5. Greater commitment and investment to training for individuals entering the industry, as well as continuing professional development of industry professionals already working in the sector.

4.6. Counter monopolistic business practices and create new opportunities for Black-owned SMME’s

We will communicate dates for the IPO workshop once we have confirmation on the final roadshow programme.