Draft B-BBEE Industry Scorecard – Appeal For Producer Engagement

The third and final round of nation-wide public consultations on the draft B-BBEE Sector Code for the Events, Technical and Production Services Industry commenced on 3 August 2023, with the first of five outstanding provincial public hearings taking place in Mpumalanga. The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture had indicated that the consultations, which began in November last year, would be concluded by the end of August. There have however been no further updates nor announcements of hearings in the outstanding four provinces. Once the hearings are finalised we will hold an IPO workshop on the draft document for our members, in order to prepare a submission of proposed adjustments, before this important document is finalised.

We urge members to please carefully review the latest draft and to highlight areas of concern, sending feedback to us via ad***********@ip*.za

This will allow us to prepare our submission as an organisation and to collate the discussion points for the workshop. We also encourage individual member companies to make separate submissions, ensuring our feedback as an industry is adequately addressed. The designed targets and weightings will have a great impact on individual businesses and the sector as a whole. We will communicate dates for the IPO workshop once the public hearings are concluded.