South Africa’s KAG Canada’s ICF, and CBE Join Forces to Launch Global Film and TV Production Venture

South Africa’s Known Associates Group (KAG) is joining forces with Canada’s Inner City Films (ICF) and Circle Blue Entertainment (CBE) to launch a new venture aimed at producing African feature films and TV series for global audiences. This announcement was made during the Cannes Film Festival, highlighting the strategic collaboration that will leverage the strengths and resources of the three companies across their Johannesburg, Toronto, and Los Angeles offices.

The KIC Group, as the new venture is called, plans to develop innovative financing models and take advantage of an existing co-production treaty between South Africa and Canada. Joel Chikapa Phiri, executive chairman of Known Associates Group, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, emphasising the potential to create high-quality international content.

Amos Adetuyi, founder of Circle Blue Entertainment, highlighted the venture’s goal of bridging talent across continents to meet the growing global demand for diverse international content. The collaboration aims to produce a slate of 12 titles with a total production budget of $60 million (ZAR 1.130 billion). The first project, “Dreams of the Moon,” is an estimated $8 million (ZAR 150 million) ’70s-set drama featuring Nia Long and Eden Duncan-Smith. The film is supported by Telefilm, South Africa’s Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), and an African bank facility, with distribution by Elevation Pictures and Africa Entertainment in America (AEIA).

This joint venture will capitalise on Known Associates’ extensive infrastructure in South Africa, including Moonlighting Films and the upcoming Cradle Film Studios. The latter will be Africa’s largest film studio, featuring 14 sound stages and 2 water tanks.

Known Associates Group CEO Tshepiso Chikapa Phiri emphasised that the venture will consolidate their film and TV projects under one roof, benefiting from the company’s successful enterprises. Founded in 2014 and expanded in 2018, Known Associates has built a strong reputation in the industry, acquiring Moonlighting Films in 2022, which has supported numerous Hollywood blockbusters.

Circle Blue Entertainment, known for series development and championing diversity, was founded by Amos Adetuyi, who produced the Canadian legal drama “Diggstown.” Inner City Films, led by Alfons Adetuyi, brings extensive international co-production experience and a robust in-house distribution network, having sold titles to over 60 countries.

Alfons Adetuyi underscored the partnership’s commitment to storytelling and its potential to produce compelling narratives, starting with “Dreams of the Moon.” The collaboration between KAG, ICF, and CBE aims to harness their collective strengths and shared vision to bring remarkable stories to life on a global scale.