Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition

The IPO, backed by industry organisations like the Independent Black Filmmakers Collective, Animations SA, and the South African Screen Federation, recently addressed the media to highlight industry challenges to the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition.

The industry, which once thrived on international collaborations, faces a downturn as professionals seek greener pastures. The revised foreign film tax rebate offers 20% on qualifying expenditure with an additional 5% for post production services provided by black-owned companies, capped at R25m, down from R50m.

“As a result of the actions of the department of trade, industry & competition (DTIC) officials, the SA audiovisual industry is in a state of deindustrialisation as both producers and crew find other work, careers or countries to work in,” said the Independent Producers Organisation (IPO).

“A country in desperate need of job creation is, in fact, forcing producer members out of the industry and thereby putting an end to their businesses that create jobs through [the] DTIC.”

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