Ladima Foundation Launches A-List Community

The Ladima Foundation announces the launch of its new exclusive and interactive social media platform for A-List members. The A-List started as a database of women professionals across Africa, a place where women working across various disciplines could find each other for work related opportunities. Over time the list has grown to over 2,000 women members from across the continent and has now been upgraded to also include a fully interactive social media space called the A- List Community.

This is now a space for all women who are registered on the A-List to create their own professional profiles and start engaging.  Ladima encourages you to share information and opportunities, promote yourself and your work, and find other women working in the same space as you.

The community has a variety of functions including polls, blogs, dialogues, and groups. We invite you to experiment within the platform and find your fellow A-Listers. Create a profile, network, share and find opportunities and connect with thousands of colleagues from across Africa. 

To create your profile, simply register for FREE or log-in to your A-List profile on the Ladima website and click on the COMMUNITY icon in the Dashboard. It’s that simple. You can then create your profile and get networking.